MI6 have run out of agents? Austerity must be farther-reaching than I thought.

With no option, MI6 send Bristo Trabant (yes, as in the car) to maintain surveillance on a notorious arms trafficker. As a lover of all things French, foremost of which being my wife, I particularly enjoyed the opening scenes of this book. And from there, it soon began an unpredictable twist and turn through a world of criminal manipulation and political corruption, making me laugh out loud along the way. This book soon becomes a joyous companion and is quite un-putdownable. The characters are well-researched, the villains edgy, the women a dream, and the core echoes with an uneasy degree of truth. And as a former resident of East Berlin, I am delighted to see the good old Trabbi getting the thumbs up. This is a great book. Enjoy.
B Waldren 14 May 2015

The cover caught my eye, and the blurb told of exactly the kind of book I wanted to read. It lived up to my expectations. It races along through a world of espionage, and I felt like I was actually in each location. I particularly like Gunboat and his cronies. Very funny and with hidden depths. And as for Eva, I think I’m in love.
Mark Wilson 12 May, 2015

Bristo Trabant, seconded from the MI6 IT Department, is thrown headfirst into a mission to spy on notorious arms trafficker Gunboat Charlie. His brief: maintain surveillance until replaced. This book is a delightful, breath-of-fresh-air take on British espionage, with hilarious scenes, sparkling locations, and a strong-enough hint of ‘real-life’ to give the plot a nagging edge of reality. And Gunboat Charlie surely warrants a place in the underworld’s all-time hall of fame.
Jo Guillim 07 May 2015

I first met Dominic at the Horniman Museum’s Easter Fair, and meant to buy a copy then. As a budding writer, it was great talking with him and learning how he has literally brought this book to market, researched the locations, and developed the storyline to the point we see now. And it is a great read. It’s not normally my genre, but a good belly-laugh does us all good, and Bristo and the gang do not disappoint. My wife is now reading the book, and we look forward to the sequel. A highly recommended debut from an emerging local writer. We wish him every success.
P & J Hart 05 May 2015

It says on the cover: “The best book about the Art of Course Spying you will ever read.” I agree. Bristo Trabant is out of his depth, but it is MI6 who are to blame as the plot inevitably thickens. A great debut with all the necessary ingredients: fast cars, even faster women, murderous assassins and uber-villains. And, of course, don’t forget the talking sharks! A terrific holiday read. Go on – treat yourself.
Rathbone1972 03 May 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars Dead Men livewire, 9 Oct. 2013
By Haddock "Haddock"
A must-read, fun and exciting from start to finish, a great debut novel from Dominic Canty, who has plenty more in the pipeline. Get in at the start, this is a book well worth having!

Dead Men Should Know Better Paperback £6.99Dead Men Should Know Better Paperback £6.99Dead Men Should Know Better Ebook £3.99